Like a real jig­saw on your iPad!

We’ve cre­ated this app for you to make it pos­si­ble to play your favorite game any­where and any­time. It fully sim­u­lates the real puz­zles and, at same time, the app uses all advan­tages of iPad to make the play­ing of your favorite game as con­vinient as it has ever been possible.

  • Abil­ity to add your own images;
  • Abil­ity to share the images and pack­ages (Face­book, Twit­ter, Email);
  • Con­stantly updated pic­tures gallery;
  • 8 lev­els of com­plex­ity: from 20 pieces up to 1110 pieces;
  • Zoom in/out func­tion to ease your work with small pieces;
  • And more: pieces rota­tion, pieces search, easy pre­view, inte­grated iPod, back­ground bright­ness, Face­book and Twit­ter integration;





How can I save an unfin­ished puzzle?

The progress is always auto­mat­i­cally saved when you close the app or exit to the main menu. You have to select the same image and the same level of com­plex­ity (num­bers of pieces and rota­tion on/off) to get back to the unfin­ished puzzle.

How can I delete pre­vi­ously down­loaded packs from the app?

Use the long press on any pack’s icon when you are in main menu (packs selec­tor). You should see the cross at the top right cor­ner of the pack’s icon, and when you press it, it will delete the pack from the app.

Why can’t I rotate pieces on the game screen?

Please make sure that rotate option is turned ON in main menu (Set­tings — Rota­tion ON).

Why don’t pieces snap together?

The pieces will be con­nected ONLY if they fit each other (cor­rect combination).

Why can’t I down­load the new pack­ages (the page is not available)?

First of all your device should be con­nected to the inter­net to be able to get more packs. Make sure that the inter­net con­nec­tion is avail­able on your device. If you are con­nected to the inter­net but fac­ing the same prob­lem, then it is a server side issue. We always do our best to solve these prob­lems ASAP. Please, be patient and wait while the page becomes avail­able again.